Sweet Auburn Curb Market
Atlanta, USA

The Basics

209 Edgewood Avenue Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30303

Monday - Saturday, 8am - 6pm*
*Some of the merchants have different hours of operation.

Fresh and prepared food. Also on site is a pharmacy and a little book store.


When the market was established in 1918 it was simply a huge tent where farmers could sell their produce and livestock, and it was a huge hit. In 1924 the Atlanta Woman’s Club raised money for a more permanent structure, which was called the Municipal Market of Atlanta. During this time, Atlanta was still suffering extreme racial segregation. Whites were allowed to shop inside the market while blacks were only able to shop from stalls lining the curb. The current name is a reflection of that era. The market, which underwent a major renovation in the 1990s, also provides fresh food options in an underserved part of the city.


The Curb Market, (as it’s known to the locals), is an absolute gem for locals and tourists alike! Beautiful fresh produce and a wonderful mélange of meats and seafood aren’t the only things to come here for. Lunchtime at the Curb Market is always bustling since there are so many great options for delicious prepared food from the many eateries here. Caribbean, Jamaican, soul food, Venezuelan, bbq, crepes, burgers, burritos, savory pies, hot dogs… It’s an eclectic food experience in this fantastic place! After dining, grab some treats from Miss D’s Pralines or the Sweet Auburn Bakery… or perhaps your idea of a treat is a bag of salted pig knuckles? You’re in luck! This is a fantastic market to do some shopping, dash in for a quick lunch, or bring a large group. There’s a ton of seating in various configurations, and it’s super friendly and easy for dining or shopping. We suggest doing both to get the whole experience!


Super-friendly folks here welcoming tourists and locals alike. Easy to strike up a conversation if you want advice about ingredients or recipes.

Travel Tips

Ask a merchant to validate your ticket for one hour free parking. Parking can get pretty full, so you may need to find parking on the street.


Phone: 404 659-1665
Fax: 404 659-2834

Additional Info

  • Address: 209 Edgewood Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Country: USA
  • City: Atlanta
  • Phone: (404) 659-1665
  • Hours: Monday - Saturday, 8am - 6pm*
    *Some of the merchants have different hours of operation
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