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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: the promotion and celebration of the great public marketplaces of the world.

PublicMarkets.com was started by a few photographers and writers who love food and travel. We found ourselves gravitating to the markets around the world, shooting photos and recording our experiences, and realized that our enthusiasm was common to many. So we decided to create a place where we can share this passion with others, and hopefully stimulate the sharing of your own market experiences.

PublicMarkets.com is a very photo-centric website. These are visually stunning places, teeming with colorful sights and buzzing with activity, animated by a special kind of commerce that’s familiar to cultures around the world: the business of food. In an amazingly diverse world, a beautifully displayed harvest in the market evokes a universal admiration, and language barriers melt away with smiles of appreciation.

Although we encourage feedback and comments about the markets, we ourselves don’t review or rate these places to suggest that some are better than others. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, public markets are often shaped by the communities they serve and the products, the décor, even the prices reflect the local environment and culture. We might each have our favorites or prefer one to another, but we appreciate them all.

Details & Disclaimers

We hope you enjoy perusing the contents of PublicMarkets.com. Our intention is to celebrate these places and to delight in their very existence. We portray the merchants, the customers, even the products, with great admiration, even when a picture might show something challenging, like a butchered animal or a trader’s scowl. These are all just elements of the marketplaces that we enjoy.

We’re not surreptitious about shooting photos in the markets nor do we always seek everyone’s permission when we take a picture. If someone were to indicate a desire to not be photographed we certainly would respect that request.

The photos displayed herein have been taken over a period of many years. We wish we could continually update the photos so that they could always be current, but that just isn’t practical. Please forgive us the occasional photo of a merchant who’s no longer a tenant in a market, or a sign that’s been altered.

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